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Second chance scholarship

The second chance scholarship is something I started to pay respect to the hard work and dedication that my parents gave to make sure I was going to be a positive member of society. I know many kids don’t have the strong support system that I was so blessed to have growing up, many times kids stumble or get sidetracked in the process of finding themselves. More often than not that has a serious effect on their future especially the possibility of financial assistance in furthering their education. This scholarship was started so kids who stumbled could have a second chance at a scholarship and allow them the possibility of gaining an advanced education without accumulating a lot of debt.

Sarah & Willie Patterson scholarship (female)

Jessie & Leila Allen scholarship (male)

James & Ruth Corbett Scholarship (male)

Earnestine Allen- Brown Scholarship (female)

Era Searcy Scholarship (Dr. Phillips High)

It is my belief that a child with a 3.75 or higher who has been focused on school their entire high school career and never wavered will have many opportunities to choose from for financial assistance as well as admission into school. But what happens to the young man or young woman who didn’t realize the importance of school until thier junior or senior year? The 2-4 semesters of school their grades were amazing their test scores show a dramatic improvement but the gpa isn’t as strong because of the mistakes made early in their high school career. Sometimes these students give up because they feel there is no reason for them to finish strong because they have no chance of getting and help financially to go to school. I don’t want that to happen because they will still eventually graduate and become members of society, and what will be their production rate? What will they strive to become? What dreams will they chase? The most dangerous person is society is the person who feels as if they have nothing to lose. And every year kids graduate who have the feeling that they have nothing to lose, hopefully this scholarship will begin a trend to reverse that epidemic. I pray that this is a start to hold ourselves accountable but the products of society that are issued with the youth, and if we can start with 50,100,200 kids that will be that many young people who we lit a fire under and allowed them the opportunity to live their dreams and hopefully pass it on and allow others to live and create their dreams as well.

Amount: $5,000


High School Senior

Maynard Evans High School (4)

Dr. Phillips High
School (1)

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