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Saving christmas

This program is the first step in helping to change the pine hills community. This initiative will be in introduction to wealth management while placing a premium on academic excellence. The separation in education between urban and suburban kids generally starts in elementary school with the fundamentals of learning. Like anything else in life if your foundation is unstable it is extremely difficult to build a reliable structure on an unstable base.  

The introduction to this program will take place at an assembly before school starts during the open house so all students and parents are well aware of the criteria for this program along with goal to help make their children better students and also more understanding of the correlational of good grades and finance. We will partner with a local bank to establish a long term investment account for ever single student in the school. The students performance for that first semester will determine the deposit made in to the students bank account.

Deposits :

I would like to use this opportunity to teach the children that learning how to save money is an extremely import lesson. Also that you must work hard to earn money and the better the quality of your work, you pay will reflect that effort.