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Long Drive Champ Maurice Allen

Maurice is a Professional Long Drive Competitor from Pine Hills, Florida.  Maurice attended Evans High School where he excelled academically and in sports. After high school, Maurice attended Florida A&M University where he attained his Biology degree in 2010.  After graduating from FAMU, Maurice moved to Atlanta to become a chiropractor and attended Life University where he became a student of the game of golf.

Choosing a new path

After a year into his studies, he was forced to make the tough decision between continuing his education or to follow his dream and new found passion in a sport he didn’t know existed 13 months beforehand. After making the decision to follow his passion, Maurice spent the next 3 months homeless sleeping in his car and on the couches of random friends due to the poor planning of the decision he made to leave school. While this would be a traumatic experience for anyone, he credits the majority of his success and growth as a person to this experience. It truly allowed him to come closer to God and find his purpose on this earth.

Although he was homeless, Maurice accomplished some remarkable feats. He set a World Record for club head speed (162.4 mph) along with a new Guinness World Record for Golf Ball Speed (211 MPH). It was proof to him that regardless of his current situation that he was on the proper path and that everything was going to be ok.

Ambassador of Golf

In 2013, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America appointed Maurice “Ambassador of Golf”. Maurice is a contributor of the PGA’s Golf 2.0 program. His mPOWer message addresses purpose, opportunity and the importance of the WOW factor to set his exhibition apart and leaving patrons with an experience they will not soon forget. The Maurice Allen experience employs three strategies of great teachers: creativity, the ability to make the subject relative to the audience, and the ability to connect with the audience.

a career of accomplishments

Maurice has competed with continued consistency and strong performances in Long Drive competitions around the globe since 2012. In his career, Maurice has a list of accomplishments that easily places him in the top 5 of all time in the sport of Long Drive. He has also been the most visible player in the history of the sport with a list of first that is unmatched. Maurice is a 2-time World Champion, a 3-time World number 1, 2-time European Tour Champion, 125 weeks straight ranked 1 in Europe, USA Tour Champion, 43 titles, and 105 top ten finishes, being the first black American to accomplish all the above. To top it all off, he’s the only person on the planet to hit a golf ball across Niagara Falls.

a Personal Note

Maurice is committed to giving back to his local community as well as to the game of golf. He dedicates his time to the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association which provides inner-city youth with the opportunity to learn the game of golf while attaining skills to succeed in life. He has given over $75,000 in scholarships to local youth in Orlando for academic performances to further their education. Maurice also started a program that has given over $50,000 in sponsorship towards young Black professional golfers who are trying to live out their dreams as well. Maurice believes and lives this Muhammad Ali quote to the fullest extent: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Maurice Allen
World Long Drive Champion
WLD Tour Champion
Long Drivers European Tour Champ
American Cancer Society Ambassador
Boys & Girls Club of America Ambassador
Former Guinness World Record Holder



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