2 mPOWER Golf

—The Maurice Allen experience employs three strategies of great teachers: creativity, the ability to make the subject relative to the audience and the ability to connect with the audience.


—Maurice is a contributor to the PGA’s Golf 2.0 program. His mPOWer message addresses purpose, opportunity and the importance of a WOW factor to set his exhibition apart and leaving patrons with an experience they will not soon forget.

Charity Golf Fundraising Hole

—With Maurice’s participation your charity outing will have the opportunity to raise additional funding through donations that each group would give to use his tee shot. The average golfer hits a drive 250-275 yards. Maurice’s average drive is 385 yards! This will give the players a serious advantage on a long par 4 or a short par 5 leaving the groups a wedge into the green. This helps improve their score on the hole as well as provide each player with an experience they will not soon forget